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Steve's 12 Days of Christmas
Steve Harvey is in a very giving mood and wants to help make Christmas special for you! If you want to close our 2016 with a bang, make sure you are registered as a Hot VIP so you can get in on these winnings!
For the next 12 days, Steve is giving you a chance to win the 'Hot' prizes listed…
Steve On Easter 2016
Steve Harvey is always "casket clean" and he has some tips for us for this Easter. Steve has teamed up with Burlington to give us some helpful tips on saving money while being fly on Easter.
Morning Laugh From SHMS
Our morning guy is use to being the one that leaves people speechless. In this episode of the 'Family Fued' Steve is completely at a loss of words and thoughts.
Steve Rememebers Maurice White
This morning Steve took us on a trip down memory lane with Earth, Wind & Fire's music catalog as he remembered the life of band co-founder Maurice White. Yesterday, we were given the sad news that Maurice passed in his sleep on February 4.
Miss Columbia On TSHS
The night of the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Columbia looked like she was ready to snatch Steve Harvey's head off. Well, I guess she has gotten over it and got a grip, because she has agreed to sit-down with Steve on his talk show.

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