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The Regional Weather Report With Shani Scott
So I can be heard in East Texas and Central Texas. Both parts of Texas are some what similar, a few cities make up these areas. Weather is a big part of our lives in these areas and today I recognized some interesting patterns in the weather for both parts of Texas.
Sistas Empowering Sistas
As women we take on a great deal of pressure to perform, please and praise. Most of us are happy to do so, however we don't get the same praise or appreciation in return. It's moments like these that your have to dig a little deeper and remember the person you are and not allow others to c…
Nobody Told Me This About 40
I am just about 90 days away from turning 40 and some interesting things have been happening to me as I take this journey. I always thought of turning 40 means that I am getting old, but I have found out this is just the beginning of life.
Back 2 School Savings
Looking for Back 2 School savings this tax free weekend in East Texas? Be sure to run by Office Depot today to get in on the 1 cent sale.
I Need $13.10
Most of you know how much I love running right? NOT!!! That is why I am so excited about participating in the 'No Run Run' with East Texas Cornerstone this Monday and I need your support.
New School Uniforms
School bells will be ringing soon and it's time to get the kids new everything. If school uniforms if what you are looking for, I have just the place for you.
What's For Lunch?
I am always looking for the best place for lunch in East Texas and I think I have fallen in love with a local restaurant in East Texas...Divine Catering...this week!!
Petty Ex Post Of The Day
It is so easy to be petty to your ex. You should try it instead of crying and wondering why it didn't work, I am sure you can come up with a million reasons why you are in a better place now.
Shani’s Petty Post Of The Day
Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have all become stomping grounds for pettiness. From people sending messages to people how have upset them to cryptic subliminal messages, the pettiness has become real. So I decided to jump on the band wagon too.

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