'Cookie' Was Almost 'Olivia Pope'
Almost every black actress in Hollywood auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope for Shonda Rhimes' hit show 'Scandal.' Even Taraji P. Henson auditioned, but she says she knew it was not a role for her, but perfect for Kerry Washington.
'Scandal' Update! Guess Who's Back?
Mama Pope is making a comeback to 'Scandal' midseason finale, which is set for Nov. 20. I know we were told that she was dead, but did anybody ever see a body? Habeas corpus -- produce the body.
Shonda Takes Over ABC!
Shonda Rhimes will take over ABC tonight and I can't wait!!! OMG, I have been anticipating the season premier of Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Let's not forget that Shonda is also the creator of Grey's Anatomy so ABC will be ruled by the lady that New York Times columnist A…

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