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Magic & Cookie Johnson Hold Their Relationship Together
Well the last issue of JET was issued this week, but Ebony is still on the presses. This July, Magic and Cookie Johnson are the cover and discuss how their marriage almost fell apart, but not why you are probably thinking.
Cookie stated that their marriage suffered due to Magic's work schedule a…
Magic Johnson Responds To Donald Sterling Comments
Magic Johnson spoke with Harvey Levin of TMZ and expressed his disgust of the comments that were made by owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling. In the telephone interview with TMZ Johnson explains how it all caught him off guard to hear that Sterling had said these things about him because the t…
Magic Johnson is Out at ESPN
Basketball Hall of Famer and broadcaster Ervin "Magic" Johnson has stepped down his role as a commentator with ESPN's NBA Countdown after five season due to other commitments and time.
Magic Johnson Endorses HIV Home Kit
Nearly 20 years ago when Earvin Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive, the backlash, scrutiny, and most of all, fear where at the front of everyone's mind. Even today, the many stigmas that come along with HIV are those that Magic Johnson wants to educate people on.