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Kobe Bryant & Vanessa Bryant Reconcile + Stop Divorce Proceedings
There's nothing like social media -- especially when celebrities use it to clear up rumors, and make major announcements regarding their personal lives! The latest celebrities to squash the rumor mill is NBA Laker star, Kobe Bryant and soon to be ex wife, wife, Vanessa Bryant. The two have anno…
Lil Wayne Inspired by Kobe Bryant
Since the beginning of the NBA Playoffs, Lil Wayne has been attending the home games of his favorite basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers. Weezy, who’s a huge sports fan, told the Los Angeles Times that Lakers star Kobe Bryant inspires him to be the best in music and his in life.
Vanessa Bryant Scores A Three-Pointer In Divorce Settlement
Was it really all worth it Kobe? We reported the breaking news of their divorce months ago, and the rumors that Vanessa was tired of Kobe's cheating ways. Well, Vanessa Bryant, the soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA Lakers star Kobe Bryant has just scored BIG in the couple's division of assets.
Kobe Cheated On Vanessa With Multiple Women!
We all want to know the same thing -- Why did Vanessa Bryant file for divorce from Kobe Bryant after 10 years? Apparently, a source extremely close to the couple revealed that Vanessa knew about multiple women that Kobe was cheating with.
Daily Hotness – Kobe Bryant
Hey, you can't have a Daily Hotness list without one of the best NBA ballers in the world! Kobe Bryant took the National Basketball Association by storm when he stepped onto the court back in 1996.

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