The $94 Million Tax Return
Have you ever heard of anyone getting $94 million  on a tax return? Well, you have now! Brigitte Jackson of the Atlanta suburb Cobb County filed a false tax return and was arrested at the bank inside a grocery store where investigators told her she could pick up her check...
Pay Your Taxes! Kelis Owes $330K+ To IRS [VIDEO]
Just when we thought the laundry list of celebrities that owe Uncle Sam money was dwindling down, we just got wind that R&B singer, Kelis owes over $330,000 to the IRS. The government is seeking tax money from the "Bossy" singer from 2004 to 2010!
Lauryn Hill Facing Tax Trouble With IRS
When will celebrities learn that it's the law for all American citizens to file taxes, and your celeb status does NOT make you exempt? Case in point: ex-Fugees star Lauryn Hill has failed to pay her taxes for three years stretching back to 2005!
What East Texas Post Offices Are Open Late For Tax Day?
Whether you’re due a refund or you gotta pay Uncle Sam, your federal taxes will need to be postmarked by midnight Tuesday, April 17.  From past experiences, I’ve learned that if people are expecting a refund they’ll get their taxes done just as soon as that W-2 arrives in the mail, but those thinkin…
Robin Thick & Paula Patton Owe IRS $492,583! [VIDEO]
R&B singer Robin Thicke and his wife, actress Paula Patton are facing issues with the IRS. The IRS filed a $492,583 tax lien against the couple, according to the Los Angeles Recorder of Deeds. The couple claim they had no idea of any taxes owed.
Bow Wow’s IRS Woes
Uh-oh! Bow Wow is all grown up and with his share of grown up trouble. Why is it that the rich and famous always get in trouble with the IRS?
Five Forbidden Tax Deductions
caption id="attachment_7803" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Justin Sullivan, Getty Images"]
One of the few joys of tax preparation is making deductions and watching your bill from Uncle Sam get lower and lower.
Breast-Feeding Battle Palin & Bachmann Bash Michelle Obama
Seems as if everything is politicized, even a mother's natural act of feeding her baby -- that is if Michelle Obama happens to endorse it. Recently the first lady said she'd promote breast-feeding, especially among black women, as part of her continuing battle against childhood obesity -- …