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Did AP Abuse his child?
If you're an East Texas native, you are no stranger to spankings with switches. However, what would you do if your child's father bought him or her home to you like this?
Hot Topic Tuesday
A face we all love to see come across on TV. RIP to Oscar winning, funny man, Robin Williams! HOW DO YOU COPE WHEN YOU CAN'T COPE ANYMORE?
Hot Topic Tuesday
Stephen A. Smith is catching all kind of heat for voicing his opinion! Due to using the word "provoke," he caused many to feel that he was stating that "it is the woman's fault" when it comes to certain cases of domestic violence.
Hot Topic Tuesday
Seven years, several million dollars, a two-year prison sentence, and countless acts of charity later, we found this weekend that protesters still feel very strongly about Michael Vick's presence in their city and state.
At what point is a person's debt to society considered Paid In Full...
Hot Topic Tuesday
Charity Johnson, the 31-year-old/15-year-old, who has become a household name nationally. Does she belong in a jail or a padded room?
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Tune in this Tuesday for Hot Topic Tuesday with The Real Working Women of East Texas as we explore the state of Blacks in America. Are we being realistic or unrealistic about the cases where blacks are gunned down by other races?