Get Empowered, Get Tested
If you didn't know, February 7th is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Get educated, get tested, get involved, get treated and become empowered.
World AIDS Day – Do You Know Your Status? [VIDEO]
After 30 years of AIDS, people under 30 face greatest risk.  People who weren’t yet born when AIDS first emerged sadly are today most at risk for becoming HIV positive. This is an alarming development that underscores how essential AIDS awareness is. December 1st …
Marsha Amborsius New Single Promotes Use Of Safe Sex
What more can I say about Marsha Ambrosius? I love the positive messages she is conveying in her music. Her new single (and name of her album), Late Nights & Early Mornings promotes the use of safe sex practices for couples. In the video, Marsha and her partner use condoms, and the other couple …