Two Texas Gun Rights Bills Up for Final Votes
AUSTIN — Two bills to expand gun rights that had been expected to fly through the Republican-controlled Texas Legislature have instead hit several snags and will need a big push during this final week of the session if they are to become law.
Should Schools Allow Staff to Carry Guns?
I came across this story about staff and administrators carrying guns to protect unarmed students on campus. It just didn't sit right with me, because we live in a world where people are easily offended, quick to sue and quicker to holler "self-defense."
Lots of Guns Are Getting Past Airport Security and Onto Planes
Potentially hundreds of loaded handguns could be making it aboard commercial flights every day, rattling the nerves of many frequent flyers, as once again they have reason to question the safety of airline travel.
Earlier last week, Transportation Security Administration baggage screeners unknowingly…

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