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‘Black Panther’ Unveils Series of Stunning New Posters
Now that Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters (and almost all of you have seen it, presumably), it’s time for Marvel fans to turn their attention to the MCU’s next installment: Black Panther. After a pair of thrilling trailers introduced us to the vibrant (and vibranium-packed) world of Wakan…
Toronto 2016 Review: ‘Arrival’
The 50th anniversary of Star Trek this week really put in perspective just how long we’ve been living with the concept of extraterrestrial. In 2016, there’s something downright familiar about aliens, maybe because in most situations our conception of them remains rooted in our concepti…
Famous East Texans
So you think of East Texas and say "No one famous has come from here." Not so fast. Here are some East Texans that you not know have become famous.

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