HELP! I'm Being Stalked By 30 Pounds Of ME
How many of you have EVER dreaded stepping on the scale based on the results it may show?  Personally I have been back and forth with my weight for a while now and today I walked past the mirror and I said "Self?  We MUST do better......
Health of Mind, Body + Soul
This week on Wellness Wednesday with Longview Fitness we discusses the consequences of being physically inactive. Some of the major consequences of being inactive include stress, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.
Want to Get in Shape? Here’s How to Get Started [VIDEO]
All of us have some areas of our bodies that we want to improve, but some aren't sure how to even get started. If you are looking to get into the routine of adapting a healthier lifestyle of better eating and exercise, there is no better time to start than TODAY!

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