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Daily Hotness – Matt Kemp [VIDEO]
Los Angeles Dodgers Outfielder hottie Matt Kemp is scrumptious. He was born Matthew Ryan Kemp in Oaklahoma. He was drafted in 2003 and made his Dodgers debut in 2006.
Daily Hotness – Ice Cube [VIDEO]
We love Ice Cube! Since the late eighties and early nineties, Ice Cube has been a huge name in entertainment. Acting, rapping, and producing. Lately Cube has been a multi-faceted entertainer, often starring in many films he's produced.
Daily Hotness – Dez Bryant [VIDEO]
Oh Lawd this man is sexy! His body is the biz, and his ball skills are pretty nice too! The east Texas native is a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys! Not a Cowboy fan, well maybe after watching the following video you will be...
Daily Hotness – R. Kelly
Not only is R&B singer R. Kelly hot, but he's smokin! Since the early 90's. R. Kelly has been a fixture in the music industry and has worked with and produced some of the best music of his genre.
Daily Hotness – Leon
Singer, Leon Robinson aka "Leon" was born and raised in the Bronx. He began his acting career in 1981 on the CBS Afternoon Playhouse production Journey to Survival. Then we all remember the 1989 hit, Like a Prayer by Madonna.
Daily Hotness – Will Smith
We adore Will Smith! The actor, rapper, producer, and family man always has been a class act. Hailing from Philadelphia, the star has been in the biz for almost 30 years! Movies, television, and music have been dominated by this triple-threat.
Daily Hotness – Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart is seriously funny! Not only is he hilarious, but he's quite easy on the eyes too! He's one of the hottest and most sought-after stand up comedians in the business and he's only getting hotter.
Daily Hotness – Malcolm-Jamal Warner
You probably know him as Theodore "Theo" Huxstable from the long-running 80's & 90's television show, The Cosby Show, but Malcolm-Jamal Warner is a poet, actor, musician, voice-over talent, and producer. He's been in several films such as the 80's smash,…
Daily Hotness – Robin Thicke
That voice, those soft brown eyes, and laid back vibe all describe R&B/Soul singer Robin Thicke. The son of actor Alan Thicke and he's the husband of gorgeous actress Paula Patton. We've compiled some of our favorite Robin Thicke songs. Enjoy!
Daily Hotness – Reggie Bush
NFL player Reggie Bush is sexy. Period. Even though he lost some hotness points while he was with Kim Kardashian, he's since dumped her and gained them all back! The Miami Dolphins running back, who once played for the New Orleans Saints is still single and "having fun right now.&q…
Daily Hotness – Malik Yoba
New York Undercover, Cool Runnings, and Why Did I Get Married?, and Why Did I Get Married Too? Actor Malik Yoba has been acting for years. Born and raised in the Bronx, his real name is Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba. The genuinely handsome actor is also an occasional singer. Who knew?
Daily Hotness – Common
Rapper Common, is no stranger to being considered "sexy". Actor, rapper, and producer, Common has the ladies always wanting more! The freckled-face cutie was originally born, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. from the south-side of Chicago. He gained much notoriety from his underground succe…

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