White Chicken Chili
Temp's about to drop in East Texas! Who said non-cooks can't whip up a warm, tasty delight to get you through these cold days and nights. If you can use a can opener, you can make my scrumptious Cheesy White Chicken Chili.
Crock-Pot Cooking – Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe
Fall is here and it's time to get those crock-pots out! For delicious and easy recipes that don't keep you on your feet in the kitchen all day preparing, look no further! These easy and very tasty recipes will keep you a cooking hero, and give you a bit of a break too! Today, I'm shar…
Website Creates 71K-Calorie Lasagna From Fast Food [VIDEO]
Though we wouldn't expect someone to eat an entire lasagna in one sitting, even one serving of this monster-of-a-dish from Epic Meal Time would still contain over 7,000 calories per-person when divided into 10 servings.
The literally epic lasagna was created by the men of Epic Meal Time, a websi…