child abuse

Ludacris Accused of Child Abuse
Ludacris' "baby moma" has accused him of child abusing their daughter that he has primary custody of. Tamika Fuller, who is the mother, has been very upset since a judge gave primary custody to Luda, finding him to me a more fit parent than her.
Mom Arrested for Putting Beer in Child’s Sippy Cup
A mother has been arrested after authorities say she put beer in her 2-year-old son’s sippy cup.
Phoenix police were called to a pizza restaurant after witnesses say they saw 36-year-old Valerie Marie Topete pour beer from a pitcher into her son’s cup and then the chil…
Man Disciplines Boy On Video And Gets Arrested!
I saw this video posted on another websiteand wondered to myself, if it is borderline child abuse or not. The man in the video taped himself "disciplining" the seven year old boy for acting up at school. In the video the man uses very strong language and then proceeds to physically discipl…