Only in Texas -- A Chicken Gets an Obituary
Families mourn losses of pets in all different kinds of ways, and that doesn't usually involve taking out an obituary in the local newspaper. But one chicken-loving family in Texas did it, and now they're posting a musical video tribute to the beloved pet named Mama. Aggies are fun!
Man Chokes Woman For Eating Last Piece Of Chicken
44 year old Clifford Smith was arrested last Sunday for allegedly attacking a woman after she ate the last piece of chicken at a dinner. According to authorities, Smith became extremely upset after the woman, who was in fact, wheelchair-bound, ate the last piece of chicken.
Spice It Up With The King Ranch Chicken Casserole Recipe
King Ranch Chicken is an easy recipe that combines everything you need into one dish. The chilies in it give it the right amount of spice without over doing it. Serve it with some cornbread and it is the perfect treat for you and your family. This recipe came from
Warm Up With Grandma’s Chicken & Dumplings
With today's forecast of sleet and possible snow along with the temperatures dropping I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner. My youngest son says to me with pleading eyes "PLEASE, lets have Chicken & Dumplings!".