Shani Got Some “Respeck” On It
Y'all already know that I am a barrel of laughs and I absolutely love to have a good time. I had to take this Birdman thing to the next level, so I hit the streets to see who would put some "respeck" on it for me.
Put Some Respeck On It!
The Hamiltones can sing anything and it sounds good. Birdman has really started something with his interview with the Breakfast Club. I think he should make a song and title it "Put Some Respeck On It".
2015 Oscars: The Best and Worst Moments From the Show
At long last, the Oscars are in the books for another year. As usual, the Academy Awards made for a night full of memorable moments, great speeches, and huge disappointments. (You deserved better, Boyhood.) Here now, the highs and lows of Oscars 2015 — all the things the Oscars got right this…
Keyshia Cole Out On Bail
So Keyshia went complete 'donkey' this weekend in LA at Birdman's condo and ended up in jail. Seems like she did all of that for no reason. She thought that the chick was his side piece and that is not the case at all.