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Arsenio Hall Accused Of Giving Prince Pain Pills
I am not sure where the break down occurred between Arsenio Hall and Sinead O'Connor, but bay bay she is pouring all kinds of hot tea all over the place. She claims that Arsenio was Prince's bitch. OMG, remember when she went hard in the paint on the Pope? She's scary.
Arsenio Hall’s TV Show Canceled
The rumor is true, CBS has canceled the Arsenio Hall Show. I think I will watch all of the DVR-ed episodes that I have recorded. Arsenio had a killer show from1989 to 1994 and just could not get to reach that success again. I hope there is something else in store for Mr. Hall. Check out some of my f…
Ice Cube Raps 'Goodnight Moon' on 'Arsenio'
Not only is Ice Cube having a good day but he’s having the best week ever. First his movie, 'Ride Along,' is the No. 1 flick in America and then he gets his name emblazoned on a Goodyear blimp. What’s next? How about children’s books.
Arsenio Hall Responds to Kanye West
Kanye West is trying to end 2013 with a bang. Ever since the Yeezus tour began, 'Ye's been giving interviews and stopping his shows to express himself, touching on a variety of topics including how the white man has kept him down. Now he's bringing Arsenio Hall into the conversation i…
Nelly Makes Baseball Bet With Arsenio
While people were marinating on just what happened at last night's BET Awards, Nelly and Future's performance on 'Arsenio' aired aired as well. The two performed 'Give U Dat,' a rap ballad that's similar to what we heard in 2002's 'Dilemma.' Perhaps …
Arsenio Hall is About to Have a BALL Again on Late Night TV
After a 19-year hiatus, Arsenio Hall is about to enter the late-night talk arena once again. It's reported that Hall, who is famous for bringing the party to late night talk shows and who had iconic guests such as Magic Johnson and former President Bill Clinton, will rejoin the a crowded late-n…

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