Texas Mattress Store Under Fire For 9/11 Sale Ad
A Texas mattress store has drawn the ire of the internet following their airing of a "9/11 Sale" ad which many viewers have found distasteful.
Miracle Mattress in San Antonio has posted an apology to their Facebook page for their video advertising a "twin tower" sa…
We Remember 9/11
Today, 13 years ago, a group of terrorist destroyed buildings in the United States and made the country stronger. The attacks on the New York Trade Center, Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field killed thousands of innocent people and today we take time to remember them...
Where Were You on 9/11? Our Staff Shares Our Memories
September 11, 2001 is one day that no American will ever, ever forget. Whether you were in New York City, at work, at home, at school - you will always remember where you were the moment that you heard about the Twin Towers being hit. Something as traumatic as that is not something that you forg…
9/11 Memorial Misspells Victim’s Name
In an “oops” of epic proportions, a 9/11 victim’s name was apparently misspelled on the New York memorial unveiled this past weekend.
Jeffrey Schreier worked for financial firm Cantor Fitzgerald, and was one of the many from that company killed on September 11, 2001.
When his relatives visited the mem…
Cowboys 9/11 Game Will Be ‘A Special Moment’
Tonight's opening game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Jets will be a special game not only because we are all eager to start the 2011 NFL season but because of the emotionally charged 9/11 anniversary.  Check out the video telling us how some of the Cowboy players remember 9/1…
What Did 9/11 Look Like From Space? [PICTURE]
The Twin Towers were enormous buildings and the attacks of 9/11 were of such magnitude that people were able to see the skyline change from neighboring states and camera-equipped satellites were even able to capture the aftermath from space.

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