90's girl groups

Throwback: SWV ‘Downtown’
When this song debuted on the radio, it made us all woner what "Downtown" meant. I think we all got the memo after we saw the video and jammed the lyrics! SWV put men on blast with their edgy hit and made women everywhere more sexually vocal. Enjoy more after the jump!
Throwback: En Vogue – Free Your Mind
Female powerhouse En Vogue was one of the biggest selling female groups of the 90's. The ladies had an appeal of sex, class, and intelligence that made men weak at the knees and women envy them. We love Free Your Mind because of the deep message against prejudice in our world. I'm happy to announce …
Throwback – Jade “Don’t Walk Away”
We love the songs that live forever in infamy. Back in 1992, the all girl-group, Jade had us all bobbing our heads to this hit, "Don't Walk Away". Ah.... the nostalgia! The group Jade was originally composed of Joi Marshall and two other members named Angie and Debbie and, as …