It's not very often that Jay Z lets fans peek behind the curtain to get a glimpse of how he works in the studio, so when footage like that emerges, it's a pretty big deal. Swizz Beatz shares a few clips of himself in the lab with Hov and Timbaland, as the three work on the interlude 'Versus,' from the 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' album.

At the very start of the video, which was posted on Instagram earlier this week, you can hear Jay Z spit the lyrics. "Hey sucka n---- wherever you are / I thought about you fool while I was driving my car / I wonder if you fools realize how far, you are / You're no where in my rear mirror." Timbaland adds additional sounds on the keyboard while he rhymes.

In a second clip, the three men continue to work on the track, and it sounds like Jay has his rhymes down already while the producers are still figuring out how to craft the beat. Swizz counts "1, 2, 3," before Hov takes the song from the top.

Watch rap's finest go to work below.