Besides being a phenomenal rapper, Swizz Beatz has also been named the new Global Hospital Ambassador for New York City. He celebrated the opening of $325 million wing in Harlem, and the wing was decorated with paintings by President Roosevelt’s Harlem Renaissance era-Works Progress Administration.

Swizz spoke strongly on the importance of health care. He honored Dr. John W.V. Cordice during his speech to reflect on the surgery that he performed on Martin Luther King Jr. after a failed assassination.

Swizz emphasized it was because of this surgery that saved King’s life. Swizz was offered the title of the first Global Ambassador of NYC’s public hospital system. Swizz Beatz is honored to receive this new responsibility because it proves to the youth that you can be more than just a rapper.

“I encourage our youth to step outside of the box that some of us may have been put in. I want to be the Renaissance man for my generation to show them that there are so many more things that we can do out here to move this world to a forward thinking place," Beatz said.