Well, it is Shark Week. So, here is the perfect story for this amazing week. Erik Norrie is a real life survivor man. He is adding his recent shark attack to the long list of life threats his faith has led him to over come. You will not believe what this guy has lived through!

Let me introduce you all to Mr. Erik Norrie, the man that can survive anything with the help of his faith, it seems.

Norrie recently landed himself in the hospital after a shark took a chunk of his leg in an attack. Though, he looks as though he will be able to completely recover, this was a very dangerous and scary experience for he and his family. How did they get through this horrible attack?

Their faith guided them and as Norrie stated, "God helped me keep a cool head."

They have been needing a lot of God's help as it seems Mr. Norrie can't seem to stay out of trouble.

This man has survived more than just this shark attack. The leg left untasted by the shark was once bitten by a rattle snake. He has been struck by lightening. He has been punched in the face by a monkey, TWICE.

Norrie needs his faith to get through these crazy experiences, but it sounds like he might need to give himself and God a rest for a while.

Want to know a bit more about this survivor man? Watch his news interview right here.