Jim Tressel has resigned as Ohio State’s football coach in the wake of an ever-growing tattoo-for-memorabilia exchange scandal, but would you classify that as the biggest scandal in sports history?

The New England Sports Network (NESN) seeks to answer that question, with your help, in a new poll asking what is the biggest sports scandal in American sports history.

While Tressel didn't make the cut of choices - you can write it in, though, if you'd like. The list is littered with some of the more well-known controversies that even non-sports fans can discuss.

Tonya Harding having a hand in trying to bring down Nancy Kerrigan? Pete Rose betting on baseball and the subsequent decision to ban him from the hall of fame? Danny Almonte pitching in the 2001 Little League World Series, even though later reports proved he was nearly old enough to buy beer and had to shave between innings to stave off the five o'clock shadow? They're all in there.

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