Ladies and gentlemen,welcome to SUMMER 2014.

It's the return of high electricity bills, kids running in and out of your home all day, things lying around everywhere and believe me, I'm seeing it once again as the summer vacation is officially here.

If you know like I know, get ready to grocery shop a couple times a week, because you know kids love snacks.

While we work all day, you are constantly checking to see if the house is somewhat in order and yes, no one is allowed over without us knowing.

It's the time of year parents are on their p&q's waiting for the return of another school year, but SUMMER just started.

It's the time of year that the word NO is popular. No sleepovers....No you have to come in it's getting dark....No,you cannot have know what I mean.

But for all of this trouble, we have a soft spot in knowing that seeing the kids and spending more time with them make us happy, just remember....SUMMER 2014 is officially here!!!!!