The rapper we all know and love, Heavy D, born Dwight Arrington Myers, passed away yesterday at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Reports say that the rap star, 44, was found in front of his Beverly Hills residence awake and alert after a call was made to 911 of a man passed out on the walkway. Medical professionals then transported Heavy D to the hospital where shortly after passed away. Craig Harvey, a spokesperson for the coroners office stated:

"All we know is he was taken from a location in Beverly Hills on the 400 block of North Maple Drive to the emergency room at Cedar Sinai Medical Center and declared [dead] there."

An investigation is officially underway, and toxicology reports are pending, which should have a conclusion of what happened.  

"It's in its infancy stage right now. We don't have a lot of other information," Harvey said. "Our guess is that the examination could occur as early as tomorrow, and any final cause of death would be deferred pending a toxicology test."

Heavy D was best known for the hit, "Now That We've Found Love", and MC-ing the theme song for the hit television show, In Living Color.

Heavy D's Last Performance

We hope answers are found and pray for his family and friends for strength during this time. RIP