Black History Month is celebrated in February where many pay homage to contributions by notable African American men and women.

However, as of late many African American families are turning to home schooling to teach more about our history and heritage making Black History a yearly educational tool.

According to a new report from News One, homeschoolinig has become an increasingly popular way for African-Americans to teach their children and student about black history.

According to a study by the National Council of Social Studies, it says less than 10% of total course hours is dedicated to black history.

The report suggests that more African-American families, particularly in the South, are homeschooling due to the lack of black history in public school curriculums.

Parents have turned to homeschooling to create their own curriculums to provide children with a more comprehensive education about black history.

The report also found that parents have begun to fill in the gaps and provide their own personal touch while teaching black history by taking their child's education into their own hands.