Exotic dancers are supposed to make their customers feel like friends, not felons.

A stripper at a club called Sammy's in Okaloosa Island, Florida ratted out a customer last month when he showed off his stash of drugs to her.

While the unidentified woman busted out some of her sultriest moves during a table dance, 22-year-old Jeffrey Lamar Morrison inexplicably emptied out his pockets. When he took out a red bag filled with white powder, the dancer asked what it was, so he responded, "$200 worth."

The woman wrapped up her dance and told the club manager Morrison had the drugs. When officers arrived, Morrison came clean, saying, "I had some stuff on me but I flushed it when I found out Sammy's was drug-free."

It turns out he didn't come totally clean, though -- a search revealed he had three ounces of cocaine in his pocket. He was charged with felony drug possession and we highly doubt he'll be bringing his illegal narcotics - or his business - to Sammy's anytime in the near future.

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