A viral video of a man whipping a young teen with a belt has many up in arms, but others say it was OK. What do you think?

A Milwaukee man caught the young boy in the video trying to steal his pants while he was playing basketball with friends. The man's wallet and keys were in his pants.

He and his friends caught the teenager, who refused to tell them where he lived so he wouldn't have to face his mother. So, the man offered him a choice: go home to his mother, call the police or get a "whoopin'" with a belt.

The 14-year-old chose the belt.

There is some NSFW language in the video, and it may be hard for some to watch. The man whips him many times. At the end the boy vows to never steal again, and the man offers to give him his phone number to help him stay on the "straight and narrow."

Do you think the man was out of line to whip the boy? What would you do if this was your son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.