Spring Time is upon us and many of you like myself like to purge and get rid of the old to prepare for the new.  However, there are some old things that are worth having and even worth money.  Before the DVD, the Blue Ray, and anything Digital there was the VHS tape!  The original "Netflix & Chill" and many of us including myself have been a pack rat and hold on to certain movies that hold a nostalgia of a special moment.  Hell, I still got vinyl that I still hold on too so trust me I understand.  If you just so happen to be holding on to old VHS tapes especially Disney Movies check your inventory because some of the movies could be worth BIG BUCKS!

According to QPolitical check out these Disney Movies and see if they are in your inventory.....


Cinderella - This Disney classic is an all time favorite magical tale and if you just so happen to have the Black Diamond version on Ebay it's going for over $1,500!


Dumbo - This is by far one of my favorite Disney Movies.  This lovable elephant with the big ears will make you fall in love with him too if you have this Black Diamond VHS in your possession.  On Ebay right now, this VHS is worth $1,000!


The Jungle Book - I have seen the original cartoon and the new version in the movies and this is still a favorite to me and my kids.  If you just so happen to own the original Black Diamond copy of this movie you my friend could be holding on to $1,000. 

Other Disney Movies that could be worth a lot of money

Aladdin - $1,000

Beauty & The Beast - If you are holding on to this Black Diamond copy according to Ebay it was sold for an amount close to $20,000 (Faints)

Snow White - This old school classic is perfect for you and 6 of your friends to enjoy from back in the day.  However, if you or your friends are STILL holding on to the 1994 Master Piece Edition it is worth $1,000

So, don't throw away those VHS tapes away just yet!  You could be throwing away BIG MONEY that could possibly change your life.  Now I wonder how much are my DVD's worth.....