Memorial Day weekend unofficially kicks off the beginning of summer and there will be many celebrations and parties throughout the weekend. Many of those parties will involve some form of alcohol and with that comes responsibility on your part. If you plan to drink at a party this weekend, designate a driver or risk going to jail and racking up numerous fines. Tyler police and agencies all across Smith County are stepping up enforcement of the Texas DWI laws.

Tyler Police and other law enforcement agencies will be on the lookout of intoxicated drivers throughout the Memorial Day weekend thanks to a state grant that is funding the program.

If you are indeed stopped by law enforcement and are suspected of driving under the influence you will be asked to blow into a breath test machine or submit to a blood test.

If you refuse, that’s when you’ll be taken to jail and an immediate search warrant will be signed by a judge on call and your blood will be drawn by the Smith County Jail nurse on duty.

Your blood will then be tested to determine your blood alcohol concentration. The legal limit in the state of Texas is 0.08, anything higher and you go to jail.

The “No Refusal” DWI campaign is a multi-agency program that involves the Smith County District Attorney’s Office and agencies across the county.  The goal is to combat drunk driving and purpose is to act as a deterrent to drinking and driving because drivers could be stopped and subjected to a sobriety test by police officers without the driver’s consent.

Bottom line East Texas…DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE this Memorial Day weekend.  Appoint a designated driver.