Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson will close all of his U.S. store on May 29th so employees can take racial-bias training after an incident at one of their Philadelphia stores where two African-American men were arrested for trespassing.

CNN Money report, the incident of the viral video shows police arresting the men, after a Starbucks manager called 911 and reported the men after they asked to use the restroom, but denied because they haven’t made a purchase.  Bystanders questioned the arrest stating the men wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Kevin Johnson said in a statement:

I've spent the last few days in Philadelphia with my leadership team listening to the community, learning what we did wrong and the steps we need to take to fix it.

The training session will be with former Attorney General Eric Holder and he will be assisted by Sherrilyn Ifill, the President of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Jonathan Greenblatt as they will execute from the Equal Justice Initiative and Demos, the progressive think tank.

Starbucks will train over 175,000 employees and the only time Starbucks closed all of its locations at once was for espresso training in 2008.