I came across this video of radio personality Charlamange tha god attempting to educate tv host,Tomi Lahren on Beyonce's message, the Black Panther Party, the Black Lives Matter movement and just being black in America. Sadly, Tomi has a serious double standard problem going on.Charlamange and Tomi end up in conversation because of the "Donkey of the Day" title that he crowned Tomi with after her comments about Beyonce's Superbowl Halftime performance. Hey, everyone has freedom of speech right?

It amazes me how people can talk about the spec in your eye but fail to see the plank hanging out of theirs. I have to fully agree with Charlamange, if you want us to get over the past, then stop holding the past against us. Just because your parents and theirs parents had warped views on other races doesn't mean that you have to hold on to that either.

As a black woman in America, I would like to say that I treat people the way that Jesus would want me to. That is the way I was raised, not to say that my grandparents had certain views of white people. That was all due to their experiences. In my life, I have been differently because of my color and gender, but not to the same extent as my grandparents. With that being the case, I have taught my daughters to treat people, the way they want to be treated and at 7 & 5, my daughter still don't know what color is.

So, we can move past the race issue, but everyone has to participate at the same level. You can't run and hide behind race relations when things are not going your way. Again, if you want us to forget the past, then you have to forget the past.