Today is a historic day scientifically because the U.S. will be experiencing a total eclipse from coast to coast. The last time an event of this magnitude was 99 years ago!

Unfortunately, Texas is not in the 'Path Of Totality', the path of complete darkness from the moons shadow, however, Texas will experience a partial eclipse. Parts of East Texas will experience anywhere between 70% and 80% blockage during the solar eclipse! The solar eclipse will begin around 11a local time with the peak of darkness happening a little after 1p and ending around 2:45p local time.

Here are some peak times along with percent of the sun being blocked around East Texas:

Getty Images
Getty Images

If you're city isn't listed and you'd like to know, just click here for the NASA interactive map. Simply zoom in to your city, click on city name and the information will populate the map.

Remember when viewing the eclipse - do not look directly into the solar eclipse.