What is one to do when Destiny's Child is threatening to issue a physical beating? That's a question one seventh grader had to answer when he crossed Solange Knowles.

The songstress stopped by Hot 97 to talk with Angie Martinez to promote 'Saint Heron,' a compilation album released through her label, Saint Records. During the interview, the Solange touched on a run-in she had with a bully n middle school and how she used the Beyonce-Is-My-Sister Card to solve the problem.

Brandon, an unruly youth, bothered Solange so much that she even started a petition to get him out of school. He even called her mother the "B-word" when she chaperoned a school field trip. Around that time, Destiny's Child's 'No, No, No (Part 2)' with  came out. Solange decided to capitalize on her sister's popularity to deal with the problem.

After threatening to do so numerous times, Solange got Beyonce and Kelly Rowland to confront Brandon personally. The kid was understandably shaken up. “They were coming to beat him up, but it was Destiny’s Child coming to beat him up," she remembers.

Solange also talked about raising her son Daniel Julez in New Orleans. She keeps Julez disciplined by limiting his access to certain things and using the three step rule: the talk, taking away certain privileges and finally corporal punishment -- he's surrounded by similarly disciplined kids.

Talent runs in the family as Julez is showing signs of a musical gift, as he currently writes raps using melodies. Brother-in-law Jay Z even complimented him. “Hov said he has some potential,” she reveals. “[Julez] takes the Eminem approach, as many words as he can put into one bar is the goal. Very fast, a lot of syllables.”

Before leaving, Solange gifted Angie with a vinyl copy of 'Saint Heron,' which she explained is a play off her label's name and the Egyptian martyr. The album is currently available for streaming.