Sunday we have a cold weather front coming through East Texas. This storm is going to bring a possibility of up to 5 inches in snow in some areas. The worst of the storm is to be north and along I-20 Interstate. Tyler area is not expected to get more than 1 -3 inches of snow in areas. If you haven't gotten your firewood, today would be the day to do it - nothing worse trying to find wood to burn in the cold and snow. I love my gas fireplace - just flip a switch and instantly I have a cozy fire roaring.

Remember to turn off your sprinkler system and cover your water facets to make sure you don't have any pipes freezing. These can be costly home repairs that are avoidable. Have you checked your anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid lately?

After Sunday's storm system an arctic front will move into the area bringing the coldest air of the season. Highs will struggle to reach the upper 30s Tuesday and Wednesday and if we see accumulations across our northern counties on Sunday, temperatures could be 5 degrees colder than forecast.

Bundle up East Texas this could get cold - really cold.