Although Migos has a song called “Fight Night," it looks like several concertgoers did just that at the trio’s concert in Albany, N.Y., on Friday (March 6). Six people were stabbed and a woman was attacked in the Washington Avenue Armory venue while Migos was performing.

According to, several people called 911 after being stabbed at the show. One victim, a woman, said she was assaulted and robbed by six men while in the bathroom of the facility. Many of the victims were taken to local hospitals for non-life-threatening injuries.

As of Saturday (March 7), police have made no arrests and are asking the public for their help. "Right now, it's an ongoing investigation," said Steven Smith Jr., spokesman for the Albany Police Department.

Michael Corts, general manager of the Washington Avenue Armory, released a statement regretting what happened at the venue. The press release reads:

"While the majority of patrons come to the arena to enjoy a show, there are the few who come to the show with malicious intentions and clearly to ruin the experience for those who attend. The armory's management and security personnel have been in contact with the Albany Police Department and community leaders to continue to discuss this particular situation to protect patrons' safety at all of our shows."

TMZ also posted a video from the concert showing Migos performing "Wishy Washy" when suddenly someone threw a trash can into the crowd. This sparked a group of fans to grab large gates and hurled them back into the audience. Meanwhile, other concertgoers scattered when small pockets of fights erupted in the crowd.

Migos hasn't spoken publicly about the chaotic scene at their concert in Albany, N.Y. However, they did retweet a fan who was at the concert.

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