We live in a day where there is competition in every part of our lives.

There's competition on the job, competition to be the better friend, competition to be the best parent in the school and then the women of the world want to be better than the next.

This is all wrong. We should embrace each other.

We have been taught to judge other women since we were little girls. Now as adults, let's change that and embrace and encourage each other. It is time for us to inspire more instead of conspiring against one another. We conspire to take the next woman's husband, boyfriend, girlfriends, job and even their children.

There is this thought of, "I can do ___________ (you fill in the blank) better than the her or the next woman." It's time for that thinking to die and for women to birth an embracing attitude for one another, support one another and more importantly stand up for one another.

If all women worked together, we could make one hell of an impact on society.