Today's empowerment comes from Woman2Woman Ministries. Founder Andre'a Randle founded this organization at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins in 2004.

Woman2Woman was created in the heart and mind of God, to help women seek guidance in God and become more intimately drawn to the heart of God. Below is Andre'a's inspirational tid-bit for the day. Have a WONDER-FABULOUS day!

The heart is the center of life. It is within this uniquely created internal organ that we have physical life. Without it, life is just not possible. The heart is also the center of spiritual life. Proverbs tell us that we must guard our heart because it is the wellspring of both physical and spiritual life. Our heart determines our actions and reflects whether or not Christ is the center of our lives. That is why it is important that we ask God to continually renew our hearts. Take an inventory of your heart today. Is your heart where it needs to be or do you need God's renewal? Ask God to renew your heart and commit that He will remain at the center of your heart.