No matter what decade you grew up in, your favorite singers either embrace the big trends of the time or start their own on the red carpet or center stage. Remember the Supremes' glitzy dresses and perfectly styled hair or how about Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' jacket? Or TLC's oversized menswear and Destiny's Child's color coordinated outfits? These are style staples that any R&B fan should be familiar with.

As the sound of R&B progresses, so does the fashion. The way Mary J. Blige dressed in the '90's is drastically different from what she's wearing today -- those doorknockers are a thing of the past. Others have gone from cute and casual to sleek and sophisticated by just getting a haircut. The ladies have also done away with the super-tight, skin-bearing dresses and opted for a more refined look. Of course, there are those chanteuses who may have gained (or lost) a few pounds but still look as fresh as they did when they first stepped onto the stage.

Since it's always fun to reminisce, we look back at the style choices everyone from Ginuwine to Janet Jackson made during the '90s and 2000s. Sure, it might only be 10 years ago, but a lot has changed since then. Check out Singers Then & Now: R&B Style Transformations.