Should kids have to get a permit to open a lemonade stand? Two East Texas kids made headlines with that last week after having their lemonade stand shut down by police, and the story went viral and made it into People Magazine.

Now there's more to the story.

The family is hoping the law might be changed, and that entrepreneurial-type kids who want to open up a lemonade stand and learn about profits and losses can do that without having to go to the courthouse to fill out paperwork first.

Is that part of the learning process, or is it an unnecessary step for 8-year olds?

Zoey and Andria Green of Overton opened up their lemonade stand again on Saturday morning, and this time they gave away the lemonade for free and asked for donations. Do you think more kids will start opening lemonade stands that way?

Tyler is having its own Lemonade Day on July 11, and the kids can plug in to one of four locations in Tyler to sell their wares. Click HERE for the info on that.

It gives kids a chance to share too, by donating some of their earnings to charity. Cool! Good luck kids.