While West Texas is slowly trying to recover from last week's tragedy, they are also preparing for a funeral service in honor of those lost during the plant explosion. The last thing any of these people want or need is for someone to be a complete insensitive jerk during this hard time. So, Sheriff McNamara plans to protect them. Westboro Baptist Church and any other organization has been warned. If anyone tries to show up to the West Texas funeral service in protest, Sheriff McNamara will take no pause in making sure you are punished.

This is exactly what he said:

"We’ve been made aware that there could be individuals or groups who plan to picket or protest during the funeral services of our fallen heroes. Make no mistake about it, any attempt by any group or organization to disrupt the funerals of any of our victims of this tragedy will be dealt with swiftly and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I’ve contacted district attorney Abel Rena and he has assured me of his cooperation in this matter. We’re simply not going to tolerate that.”

It is ridiculous that he sheriff must worrying about protecting the citizens from people protesting the funeral of those lost in the horrific accident. This a time for mourning and for love for the entire community.

While the rest of the nation came together to aid West Texas and Boston this week, there are the few and the evil that chose to spend this time hurting those people already feeling the pain of their loss. Even here in East Texas, the local firefighters gathered funds for West Texas. None of them had a thought of protesting a funeral cross their mind.

But, we need not worry about any of these horrible people worsening the tragic funeral service in West Texas. Sheriff McNamara is taking every possible action to prevent people like Westboro Baptist from harming anyone with their confused hatred.

To hear Sheriff McNamara warn these protesters and for a little bit more information, check out this story about this courageous sheriff.