Contrary to previous reports, Shawty Lo was not arrested over the weekend for failure to pay child support. It all started when a photo of the Atlanta rapper being handcuffed surfaced online and the Internet went nuts.

However, Hip-Hop Enquirer talked to the rapper's manager, Johnie Cabbell, who told them Lo was not taken into custody. The picture is actually from Lo's new video for 'Petition.' The website also contacted the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and they verified that the D4L rapper didn’t have any arrests since 2010 -- that arrest was not for child support.

The news comes after Shawty Lo's Oxygen reality series 'All My Babies' Mamas' was canceled due to protests from critics who felt the show was insulting to African-Americans. Lo is currently trying to save his show anyway he can.

The 'They Know' rapper appeared on an Atlanta radio show asking Oxygen to give his show another chance. "They have the right to think that, but at least give the show a chance, to see what’s goin’ on,” he said. “They makin’ their assumptions off a 13-minute trailer and this like the biggest news around the world right now and it’s unbelievable.”

Meanwhile, Lo has an unlikely ally in his corner -- Rush Limbaugh. The controversial radio host believes the rapper's one-hour special would be educational to viewers. "Shawty just sharing the love. Shawty just sharing all of his love with 10 women and 11 babies," he said. "It was a show of love and devotion, how Shawty provides for all, and it’s being ripped right out from under him. I mean, who says that this is a marginalized existence?”

There's also an online counter-petition created by a "fan" on, demanding Oxygen to put the show back on its schedule. So far, it has garnered over 1,000 digital signatures.

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