Let me be the first to say I was not excited to be trying this ALONE!  My crew all disappeared and left me by my lonesome.  So, I was a trooper and said "The show must go on!" and proceeded with the taste test.  Jason was on camera and I should have had him in on the taste test, but we wouldn't have had the footage.

After going back and forth I finally tried it and was it good?  OMG!  That was the most unusual candy bar I have ever had.  That combination of flavors was strange and I was definitely not ready for that taste.

And to make matters worse Jason yells out "Shawn!  The floor is lava...." so now I got Texas BBQ Flavored PayDay in my mouth going through trauma and trying to escape fake lava!  This was definitely a day to remember......lol

So, if you are brave like myself I challenge you to try to Texas BBQ Flavored PayDay and you tell me how you liked it.  Will I try it again?  Tell you what, I would rather take a double shot of Nyquil before I eat that again!