When word of massive amounts of pink slips hit the media of now {ex} 'Basketball Wives' cast-members, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, and Keisha Nichols, many pointed the finger at it's executive producer, Shaunie O'Neal. However, Shaunie says she was just as shocked as everyone else about the shows big changes to the cast!Basketball Wives is another reality television show that many have blamed for it's bad portrayal of women, and particularly African-American women in America. Between the punches, slaps, cursing, name-calling, and "making it rain" drama, the show has garnered a pretty bad reputation of being "trashy" reality television.

According to reports, Shaunie O'Neal claims that she had no idea that several of the cast-mates would be fired, and says when she confronted the powers-that-be regarding the direction the show was heading, she was left out of the loop on important decision-making - and the firings were no exception.

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