Looks like Boston Celtic, Shaq is taking his relationship with Vh1 reality star Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander to another level. The two recently sat down with The Boston Globe to give the world a sneak peak into their life together, and info about Hoopz new realty show which will of course feature her boo, Shaq.

Hoopz and Shaq seem to have a playful and fun-loving relationship. Hoopz gushed about her boo saying,”I knew he was a goofball, were the same. Both goofballs.”

Shaq towers nearly two feet over his 5′2” girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop Hoopz from challenging Shaq to numerous playful competitions, mostly one’s that they make up on the spot, and beating him! “I’m the first girl that can beat him at anything!” Hoopz proudly proclaimed in their interview together. Shaq went on to comment, “She’s my first female best friend, besides my mother.” Sounds like the perfect relationship!

Hoopz, 28, and Shaq, 38, met numerous times on the Hollywood scene before a mutual friend played cupid and got the two talking. They had their first date in Vegas, then in Hoopz’s hometown of Tennessee and have been inseparable ever since. The two now reside in the suburbs of Boston and live, for the most part, a normal life.

Good luck to them!