Sewer rates for those living just outside the city limits of Tyler (and in some cases inside the city limits) is going to increase exponentially. Living in Gresham (just south of Tyler) residents have to pay separately for water, sewer and trash services. These three services when added up, is a big chunk out of the family budget (unlike municipalities where usually all three are combined into one less expensive bill). I along with a couple of others here from the radio station live in the area that will soon be affected by a rate hike, a hike in services we did not see coming and feel its unjustified.

Sewer service for my home runs about $55 a month, by this time in March it will be around $100. The price hike is scheduled to take place in two phases, the first one coming in November and then again in March when it settles in around $97 a month. This rate hike will affect around 3,800 customers of Liberty Utilities, billed under the names of Tall Timbers Sewer and Woodmark Sewer. According to a report on KLTV, Matthew Garlick, Liberty Utilities president in Arizona and Texas, said the spike in the rate is due to major upgrades needed at their facilities.

As you can imagine, those of us receiving services from Liberty Utilities are stuck, there are no other options for sewer service. We can voice our opinion on the matter and protest this proposed rate hike. The City of Tyler hosted a press conference and released details on an upcoming Town Hall meeting regarding Liberty Utilities rate increase.

From the City of Tyler press release:

The City of Tyler will host a Town Hall meeting regarding the proposed Liberty Utilities rate increase on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 5 p.m. at the Faulkner Park Police Substation.

Liberty Utilities, which provides wastewater services to nearly 3,800 Smith County residents under the names of Tall Timbers Sewer and Woodmark Sewer, has recently announced a significant rate increase that will occur over the next several months. The first rate hike will go into effect on November 1, 2016 and the second will occur on March 1, 2017. Customers of single-family residences in Tyler that are served by Liberty Utilities will see their monthly rate increase from $27.75 per month to $96.38 per month after the final increase next March. Smith County homeowners will see increases ranging from 44% to 75% next March depending on where they live.

Liberty Utilities customers, both inside the City of Tyler city limits and outside the city limits, can protest the proposed rate increase by following these instructions:

Inside City Limits Customers:
1. Complete the Protest Form. For those who do not have one, go to to download the Inside City Limits Customer Protest Form.
2. Mail one (1) copy to the City of Tyler City Manager’s Office:

Edward Broussard
City Manager - City of Tyler
212 N. Bonner Ave.
Tyler, TX 75702

Outside City Limits Customers:
1. Complete the Protest Form. For those who do not have one, go to to download the Outside City Limits Customer Protest Form.
2. Mail the original and ten (10) copies (eleven total) to the Public Utility Commission at:

Filing Clerk
Public Utility Commission of Texas
1701 N. Congress Ave.
P.O. Box 13326
Austin, TX 78711-3326

Town Hall Meeting will be held at Faulkner Park Police Substation - Faulkner Park at Cumberland Road and Park Road, Tyler, Texas 75703 on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 5 p.m.


I'm thinking it may be cheaper to rent a port-a-potty each month and cancel my sewer service from Tall Timbers Sewer (Liberty Utilities)!  Needless to say, I'll be at the meeting and I've already got my copies made out and in the mail to the P.U.C of Texas.