Sevyn Streeter can't be stopped -- just look at her work ethic. She pens hits for her mentor Chris Brown and is striving to get in the studio with even more superstars.

In addition to writing Brown's Michael Jackson-esque 'Fine China,' the 'I Like It' songstress revealed that she and Breezy penned a few other songs for his forthcoming 'X' album.

"I also wrote another song called 'Counterfeit' and I got my fingers crossed for a couple other songs so songwriter me is hoping that I get another placement," the Florida native said in a recent interview with XXL Magazine.

Sevyn's not restricting her lyrical prose to just Brown. The songwriter behind Ariana Grande's 'The Way,' she's hopeful she'll get to write songs for two other major stars she looks up to.

"Honestly, and I’ve been saying this a lot lately so hopefully I’m speaking from my mouth to God’s ears but I would love to do a record with Usher and Beyonce," she added.

As far as the release of her debut album, freaked out fans might have to wait a bit longer for it, but Sevyn's still giving listeners a chance to delve into her psyche through her latest EP, 'Call Me Crazy... But.'

"In my Sevyn world, I would love to do it sometime [this] year but going back to the songwriting, I have to write according to how I feel or stories that I’m around," the 27-year-old stated. "So if the creative Gods give me the right song then and time for the album to be released, it will be released [this] year. We have to wait and see. It’s a process for me. I really want fans to dive into the EP and let me know what song they want to come next because that’s what the next single will be."