Seretha Guinn's compelling story about her daughter and boyfriend, who was in an accident that nearly cost him his life, tugged at the judges' hearts. But the North Carolina native let Nicki Minaj down during the group performance of Estelle's 'American Boy.'

"Seretha, you still had a good voice, but I didn't feel star power from you today at all. I remember when I first saw you, I was so in love with you," Nicki said. Seretha wasn't bad -- she actually did alright -- but her performance was nothing to remember.

In this competition, star power is just as important, if not more, than a quality singing voice. Seretha didn't show that last night, and the judges sent her packing. Sucks to be the only one from your group though.

Watch Seretha Guinn & Group 5 Sing Estelle's 'American Boy'