As you know the third season of Scandal has kicked off and every Thursday I am in front of my television watching.

In the clip above, we see First Lady Mellie Grant politely threatening her husband, President Fitzgerald Grant, to help her frame an innocent White House intern. This all began because Fitz feel in love with the star of the show, Olivia Pope, who is a high-power attorney, better known as a "fixer" for high profile political persons.

Since Season 1, Mellie has known of this affair and at the end of Season 2 it all hit the fan when it came out that the President was having an affair. Mellie has gone back and forth with Fitz on this subject and it is clear that he is in love with Liv and wants desperately to be with her, even if it means losing the Presidency.

As a woman, I could not be with a man who clearly does not want me, but do you think? Should Mellie let it go or continue to try to force her husband to stay with her?