Looks like Gladiator and 'Scandal' actor Columbus Short has a few scandals in his closet. One is named Britney and the other is jail. Just last night, the actor who plays Harrison Wright on ABC's Scandal, was arrested for felony battery. Do you think he 'fixed' his way out of that situation?

Yes, he did. This is what I heard: On March 15 he and his wife/ex-wife, details are sketchy there, were at a bar in L.A. and another man at the bar said something to her. He simply fixed the problem by punching and knocking the man out. Currently, the 31-year-old actor is out on $50,000 bail.

Unfortunately, this is not his first or second rodeo with the law. He has a nice little rap-sheet of arrest for violent activity. It has been reported that he had a few arguments with his wife where he ended up putting his hands on her in front of their children.

He is currently on three years probation for punching a man in the mouth and bashing his teeth in at a basketball court. This bar incident and the last fight with his wife could possibly be a violation of his probation.

I hope we don't lose a gladiator and he gets his life together because Scandal just won't be the same without him.